Glimpse of Vijayanagar Empire

It is calm, energetic and rich in Indian culture heritage site and it is must explore location cause of three main reasons. First It is UNISCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE, Second It is ranked 2nd in NEWYORK TIMES 2019 MUST SEE DESTINATION, THE ONLY INDIAN SITE ON THE LIST,3rd Empire of Indian history of ancient temples, archaeological ruins, Mountains and Lakes  & BirthPlace of Lord Hanumana. Hampi is known for capital of – The Vijaynagar Empire. This place is surrounded by Tungabhadra Dam and river which keep area more green and cool all the time. It takes thousands of years to build the empire and takes few hours to destroy it. In Early 1509 Krishna Deva Raya & his ancient build the empire but later on Muslim Sultanates destroyed and brutal The Vijaynagar Empire in 1565 by Alauddin Khilji & Muhannad Bin Tughlak.
Recently I have been to hampi solo trip which is thoroughly backpacking enjoyment is worth to visit hampi in Moonsoon also as weather was pleasant and less crowd gives an opportunity to enjoy every glimpse of city. This location is economical, best views, temples and value for money trip. Below mentioned local people I came across for their services in my trip and you may have other option as per your convenience. Hence I will try to take you on virtual tour of beyond boundaries of Hampi – Limitless. Unplanned trips and destination excite you more while travelling, still we have given little information and rest you can experience at actual.

Planning of Hampi Trip 

Being solo traveler go with road and that will lead to your destination. Hampi is very well connected by Road, Rail and Airport. Near by station is Hospet, It is taluka in Bellary District and Bellary has operational Airport. It is connected by Pune,Mumbai, Hydrabad and Bangluru by three major connectivity also car rental and private vehicles makes journey easy.  From hospet there are frequent buses to Hampi (Charge Rs 16 Time 45 Min) Autos also there (Charge 150 Time 30 min). The roads are very clean well maintained in hampi and surrounded by greenery and mountains which makes trip very interesting and breath taking. Basically i divided hampi in two sides according to geographical conditions and considered to cover main attractions with lot more advance research. One side is Hippie Island and second side is Vijayanagar Empire. 

DAY 1 - Hippie IslandMost Happening Place in Hampi

This is Northern Part of Hampi on Virupapurgaddi village, this island is most happening place, chilling and hang out destination. It has variety of guest house and resorts which has best valley river view. You should negotiate well as per choice to rooms. You will get details on internet or you can visit directly and see the room and book as i did. The tariff start from INR 700 to 2000 per day. I stayed at Mowgli Guest House with valley view cottage. Almost every place has shakes to chill out and offer great food mainly Indian, Chinese and continental food along with free WIFI in the premises.
Best way explore hippie island is to rent bike. They have many options for same and it charge you INR 200 – 400 for per day and petrol extra depend on choice of vehicles (Manjunath – 09481428647). Start your trip after breakfast or else if you reach in morning get freshen up and start your trip directly visit holy place Anjanadri Hill – The Birth Place of Lord Hanumanji. It has 565 steps to climb up but It is worth and it has most scenic view from top and DARSHAN gives calm peaceful vibes on top. Later on you can visit to Anegudi Village to see Gagan Mahal and Near by Sightseeing’s. While coming back you can visit Durgamata Temle near Hanumanahalli village. For early breakfast and Launch try Hotel Devamma Near Stone Bridge. They serve variety of foods with very own local test and cost is very economical. Three own people running this awesome food center with great service. Take some rest back to hippie island and by the evening visit to Sanapura Lake to have boating in Coracle Rides absolutely beauty and serenity. Later evening gives yourself rest shop on locals and hang out with some awesome food and drinks on choice. Fairy boot is available only between 10 am to 6pm hence stay in Hippie Island one day if you delayed you can not cross the river after timing.

DAY – 2 – HAMPI Top Things to do in Hampi

I checked out from Hippie Island, had breakfast at our hotel only and came back to hampi by fairy boat. It takes INR 20 per person. Main Hampi is spread across 4100 hectors hence better to hire auto and if you have plan to stay for two days bicycle is more economical. Auto will take around INR 800 sightseeing and drop to Hospet for further journey. (Ganeshwara – 9482039368) He is very decent, safe and trustworthy auto guy i ride with him entire HAMPI Temples. Below are list of Temples and places to visit in first Half. Launch break 1 to 2 pm. You will surprise many temple has only sculpture and not god idol.

Best Places to Visit in Hampi

Virupaksha Temple  -  Started my day with this first holy temple the main center of pilgrimage of lord Shiva. This temple is beside tungbhadra river.

Kadlekalu Ganesh Temple – The Monolithic Appearance.

Lakshmi Narsimha  Temple – Narsimha which means half-man and half-lion is one of the ten incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This monolithic structure, which is 6.7m in hright,has the lord sitting cross-legged position on the coil of giant seven-headed snake Adishesha.

Krishna Temple – Large and Ornate, East Facing Temple, The Big Krishna Bazar and Pusharani is a front. You will find Big SHIVLING in this premises. While heading   to Prasanna Virupaksha Temple you will see Sister Stone. This temple has underground Shiva temple. The temple is in low lying area. Few more to visit Lotus Mahal, Elephants Stable, Ranga Temple, Zanana Enclousure, Hazararama Temple, Royal Enclosure, Mahanavmi Dibba, Queens Bath.
After launch I dreaming to see main attraction and  hoping to wind up our trip and not the least The Vijaya Vittala Temple. This temple is located in north eastern part of Hampi. It has incomparable world famous STONE CHARIOT (Below Pictures). It take electric vehicle from entry to vittala temple of charging  INR 20 rs per person by walk it is one km. The Notable feature of the Vittala Temple is the musical pillars. The large Ranga Mandapa is well known for its 56 musical pillars.
I missed Matanga Hill due to time and (it should be visit sunrise or sunset time) and headed Hospet to start my return journey of Backpacking and Solo Travelling, As we have nothing to lose and world to see.

Memories of HAMPI

The place is very beautifully and serene. The local peoples are very cooperative and location is clean and well maintained by government of Karnataka. The safety and security is nicely managed by the management of temples and government and on hippie island also. You will get entire magic of Climbing Hills, Coracle Boat Ride, Natural Bike Ride, Breathtaking Views, Holy Places and Hang out destinations and that too with less crowded, not over hyped, no looted mentally local peoples. There is no best time to visit hampi it is evergreen and can any one visit any time and offers you pleasant vibes. Try this off beat destination you will have lifetime memories of HAMPI.



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